Landscape and Architecture at its best.

I admire the relationship between architecture and landscape. This composition is based on the essence of this reality, combining use (built form) with beauty (natural form), and how that essence captured me leaving me with an impression and inspiration to paint it.

This view sits on the Natisone River, standing on the Devil’s Bridge looking toward the town of Cividale. During the afternoon hours on our way down the stairs from The Sanctuary of Castelmonte the ancient and oldest of Friuli, I photographed this awe-inspiring moment that nature and history had to offer.

I especially enjoyed painting natures textures and shapes and contrasting colours painted in vibrant colour. The sky and mountains which set the tone for light, perspective and atmosphere in my painting. The reflections on the water using line and shape to form movement. Blue colours were muted to create shadows and reflection that provided another dimension of depth. All these things combined represent the untimely history and beauty of Cividale.

Cividale is a town, in the Friuli–Venezia Giulia region, north-eastern Italy, just northeast of Udine. This 15th-century Cathedral Bell Tower staples the town while nearby Cividale of Friuli preserves remnants of cultures from the Celts through the Lombards.


Giola Pressacco was born in Toronto, Ontario. She currently
lives in Halton Hills with her husband and cats. As a
second-career artist, she works and volunteers part-time.